Alexa Global
enables the power of vision,
solves the complex puzzles of
authenticity and innovations.

We are Alexa Global

Our team is curious by nature,
capable of
continual improvement and enhancement.

We answer liquid expectations
with impactful solutions.
We create value from emotion,
logic and imagination.

Our work
is transparent and inclusive,
elegant into simplicity.

Design Consultancy and Services

  • From intangible to product
  • Stepping into concept planning
    and virtual design
  • Experiencing brand development
  • Leading to product creation
    and interaction design

Image and Style Consultancy

  • Enhance clients’ appearance
    for personal or professional use
    by creating an authentic style
  • Improve body language
  • Develop communication skills
  • Inspire interpersonal achievement

Event Management Strategy

  • Conceptualizing
  • Planning
  • Implementating
  • Evaluating

Media Service

  • Traditional and non-traditional
    media services
  • Video production and audio production
  • Still photography
  • Cinematographic art

Marketing Consultancy

  • Visionary strategy
  • Systematic and structured process
  • Efficient marketing promotion
    online and onsite campaign
  • Attentive assessment

Online and Onsite Research

  • Defined and rigorous process
  • Adequate and relevant results
  • Up-to-date database
  • Efficient delivery

Translation and Interpretation

  • Simple texts translation
  • Spontaneous phone interpretation
  • Scientific translation
  • Public simultaneous interpretation

Conservation and Restoration

  • Art objects restoration
    and treatment interventions
  • Documentation on cultural artefacts
  • Evaluation of artworks
  • Heritage consultancy

Creative Movement

  • Calligraphy, painting, sculpting
  • Designing and creating jewellry
  • Performing arts
  • Scenography